Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end is near

Wow - I cannot believe I have been MIA for almost a month. Sorry about that. The month of December is so busy from start to finish for us. We start with a Christmas Dance Recital, then parties, school stuff and then the big day itself. Before I know it - it is New Year.

But never fear - I am still here! Today I wanted to share an adorable layout I received for Christmas from my mom! They dog-sat our lab Maggie while we attended a Fireman's Convention this past fall. My dad kept saying, "you just wait" but never let on to what he meant.

Mom snapped a few pics and made this:

Don't you just LOVE it? The shiny background is a snack bag from Petco that has paw prints all over it! What a great way to recycle something!! I immediately came home and hung it on my wall!!!

I am hoping to be back again really soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me! Happy New Year!
Thanks for popping in!

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