Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The end is near

Wow - I cannot believe I have been MIA for almost a month. Sorry about that. The month of December is so busy from start to finish for us. We start with a Christmas Dance Recital, then parties, school stuff and then the big day itself. Before I know it - it is New Year.

But never fear - I am still here! Today I wanted to share an adorable layout I received for Christmas from my mom! They dog-sat our lab Maggie while we attended a Fireman's Convention this past fall. My dad kept saying, "you just wait" but never let on to what he meant.

Mom snapped a few pics and made this:

Don't you just LOVE it? The shiny background is a snack bag from Petco that has paw prints all over it! What a great way to recycle something!! I immediately came home and hung it on my wall!!!

I am hoping to be back again really soon! Thanks for hanging in there with me! Happy New Year!
Thanks for popping in!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!!!

Brrrrr!!!! The weather here in Maine has turned frigid! Much colder than the norm. I dislike the cold almost as much as the heat! At least I know I can always curl up in a warm fuzzy blanket if I need to!!!!

Are you done your Christmas shopping? We are almost finished. Got the men in our lives to do. I leave that job up to the hubby - with a little prompting, of course! :)

I wanted to share some pictures today of
1) the mess in my basement in the wake of installing my new counter tops &
2) a few of the pages to an album I will be giving for Christmas!
Here we go:

These are my 2 new counter tops my hubby gave me for my birthday!!! Aren't the beautiful? I don't think I gushed this much when we built the house many moons ago! They look so bare compared to my small and extremely messy table on the other side of the room!!! I still need to add the peg board over the counter and my towel racks with my much loved punches! Then I will add things slowly to see where I can use them the best!
This is the mess created when the hubby started the installation:
Bad huh? It will get better - I promise!!!

Ok - on to scrapping stuff.... I know - enough already about my counter tops!!

I found this awesome album kit put out by Autumn Leaves called the "60 minutes scrapbooker". It has an album, paper, and embellishments. All you need to do is assemble pages and add pictures. Some pages are even all assembled for you! Can you say QUICK??? And it is so pretty. There are several options, family, vacation, girl, boy, etc. I picked them up quite a while ago and now, after finally getting one together, wish I had gotten more!

Here are two of my favorite pages:

I honestly think the hardest part was trying to decide what pictures to use. (And most pages have enough supplies to make 2 pages).
I hope you have enjoyed today's pictures!!! I will share some more later this week!!!
Thanks for popping in! Stay warm~

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

time flies

Wow - does time fly~ Sorry that I have been MIA lately! I really have been busy! I am off to my last craft fair of the season this weekend and - truth be told - I am happy about it. I am burnt out. It has been a good season but every weekend there has been something going on.
I haven't even decorated my house for Christmas. I ALWAYS do that the weekend after Thanksgiving and this year it didn't happen.

I did manage to squeeze some Black Friday shopping in but then got sick and have been up and down with this cold. I blame it on my kid but who knows.

This Friday night our Girl Scout troop is participating in a local parade. Last night was another work night but I had stayed home from work so I didn't go and share my germs! I have been told it looks awesome! Many many thanks go out to the men who have helped us... Shane, Rob and Rich. We appreciate you so much! I cannot wait to get some pics to share with you!

My hubby finished installing my counter top in my scrap area so now I just need to rearrange everything. I think that will be a time consuming project! I will take some pics of that as well to share! I cannot wait to start working down there! I have some projects that need to be done for Christmas!

I always try to come up with a special idea for the teachers in Ash's life. This year I went a little non traditional.... and won't share in case she peeks.... but this is something I have done for teacher's in the past. Altered clipboards. Sometimes I put initials on it, sometimes a calendar or cork square. Sometimes I just alter them. Like this one:

I think it is so pretty. I love the blacks and pinks. Hope you like it too!

Thanks for popping in today and just a reminder......24 days till Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Good morning my blogging friends!!!! I hope you had a fantabulous weekend!!! I was busy once again, which seems to be the story of my life!!! I promised pictures of the candy bar snowman I made last week and here they are!!!!
Aren't these guys adorable?? I found them here, on this wonderful site. You can follow her links to get the free download for the snowman face. Be sure to spend some time on Kerry's site - as she is a great papercrafter! She has some awesome ideas!

I had some leftover fleece so I sewed a tube and cut it to about 5 inches or so to make the hat. I tied the top with DMC floss and added a little jingle bell for festivity!!!! The scarf is just made from some extra fleece I cut into a strip and tied around the neck! (I believe that you can find a video of how she made her's on her website!)

I think these are going to be awesome teacher's gifts, added to a gift of cocoa and a candy cane in a mug, anything! What a great way to brighten someone's day- even after Christmas!!!!! In the blah, dreary days of late January, pop one of these on someone's desk and watch the smiles appear!!!

If you want to see one of these (or several) in person- be sure to stop by the 17th annual craft fair this weekend at the old Nichol's building in Wilton (on Rt 156) this Saturday. There is going to be a boatload of crafters there and entertainment as well!!! I hope to see YOU there!

Thanks for popping in today!

*** Remember - there is only 38 more days till Christmas!!***

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another TGIF

Happy Friday!!! I hope you have all had a fabulous week! It has been a busy one for us! I am sorry for not being here to post more this week! I have been working on a few projects as I can find the time tho! I found the cutest Hershey Bar snowmen the other day and just HAD to try them out!
My daughter makes fleece sleeping bags for 18" dolls (or any doll for that matter!), so I have tons of fleece available for the hats and scarves! I will take a pic this weekend to share with you!

Also - my wonderful hubby bought me some counter tops for my birthday, for my scrap area in the basement. Since we finished the basement and I set up my area - we have been hesitant about it since most of my "stuff" is under the water pipes, etc. We have finally decided to rearrange things. I am so excited to get things underway. The best part is we got a great deal on a section of the counter tops since there was a tiny (and I mean tiny) scratch in it! You can hardly see it and cannot even feel it! Love a deal! I will be posting redesigning pics as well, as we get going on it! So once again- I am seeking out some design and storage ideas! I found this area online and like the looks of it!
This one doesn't look like it has much counter tops but lots of storage. I need to weed through some things that I haven't used in FOREVER! It will be hard but it is time! Altho - I haven't been scrapping- only creating- for quite a while! I cannot wait to get started making layouts again! If you have any storage ideas you want to share - please leave a comment!
Well, it is another busy weekend for the Walker household so ! am off to plan things out! Thanks for popping by~

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another rainy day here in Maine!

Happy Monday to all my friends in the blogging world! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I took part in the 2nd annual Fall Festival at the TW Kelly Dirigo Middle School and it was great! The gym was filled with crafters of all kinds, I saw a ton of friends and the kids had a great time! Thanks to those who stopped my the booth and said hi!

I actually have this weekend off from craft fairs - kind of! My mom makes the most beautiful 18" doll clothes so I am going with her to an American Girl doll tea this Sat afternoon! (plus Ash wants to go!) But I did book another craft fair for the 20th in Wilton! I will be posting info on that this week!

Today I wanted to share a quick project that I made for last weekend's fair! I made 2 varieties but the 2nd set sold before I could get a picture of them for you. I will make more and post them!
I call them "Snowman Kisses". They are a tic tac holder! I need to add a small tag that says Snowman Kisses but aren't they cute??!!!! A friend has requested a few in other colors for stocking stuffers! So this afternoon I am off to find colored tic tacs!!! Another lady this weekend paired up a cocoa packet puller, a tea bag card and the tic tac holder as a set! I never thought of doing that!! Guess I will be making some more that match!!!

I hope you have enjoyed today's short post! I have been busy cleaning and catching up on Mount Washmore! Laundry seems to pile up when I turn my back!!! I am sure I will leave this afternoon for dance class and the laundry bins will fill up magically!!!!

Thanks for popping in and have a great afternoon!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tea for .... well, One!

TGIF once again!!! Here we are again - peeking at more goodies that you will find on my craft table this weekend!!! This item is another one of the those great teacher's or co-worker's gift ideas!!!

Picture yourself.... it is snowing out and you are sitting in your favorite overstuffed chair, getting ready to dig into your newest book and it seems like there is something missing. What could it be? A warm, steaming mug of tea!!! Here is the perfect thing!
A gift packet with a single tea bag perfect for giving! Add one of these to the tea lover's stocking or along with a nice mug and a gift certificate from the local bookstore and - voila! The perfect gift!

I used a small piece of paper and scored it in two places to create the flap and the pocket! I added a scalloped edge punched piece of card stock to the edge of the pocket, some ribbon and closed it with 2 small brads, rather than sticky strip to make sure it held down (and because I do not have any more!!)

The front is similar to a card and I added a small stamped image and matted it for depth. Inside the lid I added a cute sentiment and punched it out with the large scallop circle punch! Easy peasy! I will be working on more of these to add to my collection of them!

Be sure to stop by the TW Kelly Middle School in Dixfield on Saturday (from 9-2) and see the crafters and their wares! Be sure to say hi!!!

Thanks for popping in today!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just a few more ideas!!!

Hey there! I have those pictures I promised you!!! These items were mostly cased from Splitcoast Stampers (here) and embellished depending on what I had in my space!!! I had so much fun making these items! They just flew together easily and I think (hope) that everyone likes them as much as I do!!!

The first items are cocoa packet sliders! When you untie the ribbon and pull, a yummy cocoa packet pops out! I think these are awesome co-worker or teachers gifts!! I would love to see one sitting on my desk some cold, dreary morning! I used a multiple array of papers and will add some more embellishments to the fronts!
Did you see the Santa owl??? I was surfing the other day and came across a picture of one like him and fell in love!!! I think I need to add a small white pompom to the hat to finish him off! And perhaps some glitter to his hat!

I even had some pink Christmas-y paper and had to make one out of that! And the paper with the polar bears has some glitter on it to add some much needed bling! The pictures do not do the packets justice at all! You will have to stop by my craft fairs to see them in person!!
The last few still need a little extra embellishments on the front to finish them off but I had to share the wonderful paper. I am such a paper hoarder that it was hard for me to cut that paper up! I am getting better! I think that there must be a 42 step process for us paper hoarders somewhere!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I have another treat to share!!! Thanks for popping in!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Sat's info...


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another day....

Good morning my blogging friends!!!! I hope you had a fantastic Halloween weekend! We had a great time at the Halloween party that we threw for my daughter's friends! They were a little skeptical to eat wolf teeth and bat vomit but they did!!! :) The witch's brew was also a scary hit!! It was this nasty color brown and unless I knew what it was - I wouldn't have drank it!!!!
And my hubby told me that we are rearranging my scrapping area in the basement because the bulk of it is under the water pipes. So he told me that he was getting me the counters that I had been wanting for my birthday!!! Now I just need to get through hunting season so I can put him to work!!!

Saturday we attended the RES craft fair! Thanks to all who stopped by and said hi! I had a great day! Need to get busy this week to make some more items to replenish what I sold! And - of course - I have found some more items that I just had to make for this weekend! I got a few done yesterday but ran out of material! I will try and take pics tonight to post for you this week!

Sunday was also a busy day! We were still recouping from the party and the craft fair but there was still things that needed to be done. Groceries for one. We were out of everything!!! After we got home - I watch the Nascar race for about the first 70 laps and then the inevitable happened..... add a warm, fuzzy blanket and a dog and..... the land of nod had a visitor!!! I did wake up in time to see the last 17 laps of the race! What perfect timing!!!
Then it was off to trick or treat!! My kiddo got soooooo much candy. I need to bag it up and toss it into the freezer! (there really isn't anything better than a frozen peanut butter cup)
And today - back to work!!!
I hope you have a fantastic day! Be sure to keep stopping by to see what I have been up to!!!
Thanks for popping in!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Hello all! I cannot believe that it has been almost a week since I posted! I have been crazy busy this week and it isn't even over yet. I am planning a Halloween party for my daughter and her friends for Friday night and have another craft fair on Saturday.

We decorated our house for Halloween last weekend. I think it came out great! and with the recent rain and wind we have had - makes it even more creepy!!! Take a peek:

Thanks to all who popped by the craft fair in Woodstock last weekend. I did pretty good! There was a great turnout of both crafters and shoppers! I hope everyone went home with something special! I even bought some homemade soap. The scent was "Monkey Farts"! It doesn't smell anything like it's name - just so you know! :)

I was surfing online this morning and came across another craft or two I want to make for my upcoming fairs! Hope I can squeeze in some crafting time soon!

We also ventured out into the woods last weekend and took our annual fall pictures of Ash. We are never satisfied with the school pictures and only have them taken to get the class photo - so this is our school pictures that we share with people! I think this one is "the one" we will be using:
She is such a ham that sometimes it is hard to get a good shot without the "fake" smile!!!

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I am still out there and right now am buried under bats, ghosts and spiderwebs!!! I will post pics after the party!!!!! Thanks for popping in!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I have to giggle each time I write TGIF! My grandfather was something of a unique man. I swear he laid awake at night thinking of "stuff"! TGIF to him meant "toes go in first". He always said he would design shoes with that name! I cannot believe it has been 17 years since he passed away. {sigh} I am sure he would have had a ball with Ash and Grace if he was here today! :)

Well, tomorrow is my first craft fair of the season. I think I am ready. I do not have a ton of stuff but what I have is... well, what I have!! I finished up some small details last night and tonight I need to pack things up. If you are in the Woodstock area tomorrow - I hope you stop by.

I took some random pics last night of my items. Here is a couple I don't think I have shared.

The first is a few composition books. I love to alter these. They are so easy and there are so many things you can do to them. I had this vintage paper and could never figure out what to use it for in a 10 year old's album. I think they look great on these books!!
Next are some gift tags I made. Everyone is always looking for cute tags for those special people. Add it to a teacher's gift (for which I have plenty) and it adds some wow!!!
I am hoping to remember my camera so I can take pics of my booth all set up tomorrow! If I can remember it - I will be sure to post some pictures for you all. :)

Thanks for popping and for all your support!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a funny to share

I know - I know... I promised to post this weekend. I am sorry. I DID work tho and get some more items ready for my craft fair! I have to share this funny story with you (well, it wasn't funny at the time but you know...)

I am making these adorable stationary boxes for my fairs and I needed to add the papers for them. I wasn't sure how many to add so I brought everything to work one day and started cutting and stamping. I cut 500 pieces and stamped a small image on each one. I sorted them out into piles of 20 so I could keep count and decide later what to put in each box. 500 pieces. I worked thru them fairly quickly (or as quickly as you can with that much paper) and placed them all very carefully back into the 12x12 folder I use to transport paper. Did I mention that there was 500 sheets? Well, I get home and proceed to be a good girl and take my scrapping stuff to the basement - where it belongs - and the folder slips (you know where this is going don't you?) ...... and all 500 (remember I mentioned that there was 500??) fall out of the folder. Down the stairs,under the stairs, over the wall onto my desk, the floor and every other solid surface within dropping range. I am surprised you didn't hear me scream. (insert giggle here)

Well, I did get them all picked up (and they weren't even dirty) and my daughter sorted them back into their respective piles and now are all inserted into their proper boxes and ready for purchase!!! (did I mention there was 500 sheets?)

In hindsight - I guess it is a little funny (but only a little) and I did giggle about it afterwards but.... :)

I will work hard tonight to take some more pictures and share them with you. Remember that you can visit my at the Woodstock Elementary School PTA craft fair this weekend!! I would love to see you!
Thanks for popping in!

Friday, October 15, 2010

and God said" build an ark"

Yes - I am still here!!! I know it has been a week! This has been a crazy week to boot!!! But I have been working a little! This weekend is my big push to get things done as my first fair is next Sat! It will be at the Woodstock Elementary on the 23rd. I will post more info on it this weekend!!!
It is storming hard here in Maine today. They are calling it an official nor'easter. I am soooo glad it isn't snow because we would be buried already!
So - hang in there! I promise to be posting this weekend!!! Thanks for popping in!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


It's Friday....It's Friday!! Can you see me doing my little happy dance? I am so glad it is finally Friday. I wish I could sleep in tomorrow but - alas - we have another soccer game. Monday - I can sleep in on Monday. No work, no school. Pillow time!

Today I want to share a little project that I will have available at the first couple of fairs. I have only made a couple of these so if you like them - snatch them up!!

This is a simple holiday planner. I took a 2 pocket folder from the school supplies and folded it up to make it into a four pocket planner. I also cut some off of the top to make it shorter. I don't have a specific amount - I just cut!! :)
I decorated the folder with some holiday paper I had and took some coordinating colored card stock to go with it. Inside I used 2 different papers for each section. Behind the pockets - I adhered some coordinating card stock to cover the plain white background. Inside each pocket - I added various planners. I think these have Christmas cards, gift list, and gift ideas. In the last pocket- I took some of the coordinating paper and adhered it onto the end of a large legal envelope to hold receipts, etc.

On the outside - I added ribbon to tie it close and stamped a holiday greeting onto scrap white card stock and matted with my scallop circle punch. I adhered this right onto the ribbon (which I adhered down in a few spaces) and tied the ribbon into a bow! There you go!
I hope you have enjoyed today's post! I have been working in my "studio" (aka the basement) and have gotten a few more things completed. Pictures will come soon! Thanks for popping in!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Something special

Happy Tuesday! Sorry I was missing this weekend. We attended the Fryburg fair for the fireman's muster Sunday and yesterday my hubby and I spent the day together. Congrats to the Canton FD team - they received 2 second place trophies at the muster!

Today I want to share with you something that my sis-in-law made for my Grandmother's 90th birthday and the minute I saw it - I knew I would be stealing the idea! These are plain white cigar boxes that I found at AC Moore and altered them with stamps, flowers and stickles!

I used one of my swirl stamps from Stampin' Up (I cannot remember what set it came from), with black Staz On ink. (does anyone else just love the smell of the black ink?)

In the top right corner - I placed a variety of flowers with brads. I added stickles in coordinating colors around the flowers and on the swirls to add some depth and bling! I wanted a sentiment on the box and after a long time of searching - I decided on "for you".

Inside the boxes - I cut copy paper to fit and stamped on some of the pages and tied them together with coordinating ribbon and added a pen.

I thought these stationary boxes would be great gift ideas! Drop me a note and let me know what you think!!!!

Thanks for popping in!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Rainy Night....

Ok- so song lyrics run through my head at random times!!! And it is raining again here in Maine!! Tonight is supposed to be a rough one weather wise but I will believe it when I see/hear it.

Tonight I want to share a quick project that I have been working on for the kiddos who happen by my booth at craft fairs! I found this project leftover in my Girl Scout leaders book. I must have picked it up at some craft store for my troop to make but we never did.
At first it seemed a little difficult to work the threads together and get the feathers and beads to stay in place but after a couple - they are flying together quite fast. This morning I stopped by our local (and completely disorganized) Walmart to get a couple more packages of pens to alter!!!
These really are fairly simple to make. The thread is DMC floss and I used tiny micro beads on wire to wrap around the threaded pens. I tape and glued some pretty white feathers on top and finished it off!! I love the bright, smiley colors!!!! I hope the kids and parents do too!

Thanks for popping in today and as always - let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back in the saddle again!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend! We were busy all weekend but I did get some creating time in! It felt good to get some things done. I will confess tho - I didn't get my desk cleaned! I just pushed stuff out of the way to get more projects done! Oh well, there is always another day!

Today I want to share a cute and super easy project that was shared with me by my sis-in-law! (Thanks Missy!) I couldn't believe how easy this went together. It wasn't long and I was flying through them! The hardest part is deciding what papers to use!! :) I have included 4 matching cards and envelopes for them. I varied between the regular scallop edge punch and the fancy edge punch on these boxes!

This first one is using the Razzleberry Lemonade DSP paper from Stampin' Up! I fell in love with this paper and regret not purchasing another package before it was discontinued!

The green one is also using SU paper but I cannot remember what pack it was from! I believe it was a holiday paper from last year but I am not positive!

And here is a group picture of the ones I have completed as of yet. There will be more to come!
I hope you have enjoyed today's post! Please feel free to comment and also to let me know what you would like to see more of! (today I found the cutest gift card holder for Christmas that I will be sharing soon!)
Thanks for popping in!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Happy Friday!!! What a week!!! I am so happy that it is Friday! This week has been a long one! I didn't get much done as far as scrapping but I do have a couple of little note pads to share!
These are just a few of the ones I plan on making for upcoming fairs! I really need to start mass producing soon! Time is flying by. Before I know it - I will be setting up for my first fair with 1 of each item!!!

I found these small notepads at a local store and decided to cover them and make them so they can clip right your purse (or where ever you want to hang them!) I did start embellishing the first two with the owl punch but knew I had to venture away from it - since not everyone likes the owl! I have a few more ideas for future ones! So for the extra one - I added some big flowers. I just love the big flowers, they add so much deminsion and fancy to a project!!

If you look closely in the background of my pics - you can see my desk. Does anyone elses end up like this? I start a project, cannot stop as I move on to another and soon - my desk space is so small I cannot put down a piece of paper. This is a pic of the desk:

It isn't as bad as it has been but it is still messy! So - my goal is to TRY and clean up after each round of projects so I have room to creatively work! We will see how that goes. This is - hopefully - a working weekend. (amidst all the other things I have going on!)

Thanks for poppin in and as always- let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Show me the Mummy!!!

Remember the movie with the line..."show me the money"? I couldn't resist the play on words!
My sis-in-law shared a blog link (click here) with me over the weekend and this gal has some terrific projects! This was one of them!
I put this guy together in about 10 minutes.
I took a Crystal light container, cut it down to make it shorter and wrapped it with gauze from my first aid cupboard! I cut circles for eyes and a small thin line for a mouth and attached it with Aileen's fast grab glue.
After I completed him - I got thinking.. (I know - rare occurrence ) what else could I do with this concept? I only have 1 craft fair in October and it is the day before Halloween so I wanted something for the winter season. So off to my drink cupboard for another container I skipped!
This one I did not cut down - I wanted it tall. I also wrapped a layer of batting around the container before I wrapped it with gauze. I cut out circles for eyes again and a small triangle sliver for a nose! I glued these on with the same Aileen's fast grab glue and added 3 black buttons. I grabbed some red ribbon and tied it around the "neck" and a small red heart button as well.

But.... what is a snowman without a hat? So I took the cover of the container and glued a large black circle onto the top. I punched a large scallop circle out of black and added a "tube" between them. I adhered them together with diamond glaze adhesive. it took a while to dry but it held together awesome!!! I added some regular Aileen's glue to the brim and covered it with white glitter to mimic snow! I punched a couple of small yellow flower and added some red bling to the centers. Simple as that!!!

Who knows what I will come up with next!!! Thanks for popping in!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some late night inspiration

I had to escape the main living area last night due to a 10 year old sleepover, so I headed to the basement to create! I wasn't sure what would come from the adventure but it ended up being a great night. I am surprise you didn't hear me giggling where ever you were! And since it was into this morning before I went to bed - I am bushed today!!

So - here we go!!!! I was surfing the web last week when I stumbled across this website - here - and fell in love. I have never been an owl person till Stampin' Up came out with their owl punch and it has spiraled out of control!!! I fell in love with this idea and had to purchase the template and directions!

Last night I made the Mr. & Mrs. Claus box with the little cards! Mr. Claus is on one side and Mrs. Claus is in the other side!!! Isn't it ADORABLE!!! It came together so easy! Her directions are awesome! (Of course, it would have been a little easier if I had paid attention when I stapled the pages together and put them in order!!) I did mis-understand one section of the directions and thought I was making 2 boxes when I did not know I was putting Mr. on one side and Mrs. on the other so I ended up with the fixings for another box.

And - of course - it wouldn't be complete without making the little elf cards to go inside the box!! I almost think the elves are the cutest part. I did add some bling with some dazzling diamonds glitter to the hats and clothes.

With the "extra" box parts I had leftover - I decided to make a little girl owl! Today I found out that Lynn has extra owl patterns on her website so I have ordered those!!! I cannot wait to make the other owls and share them with you!!!

I really hope you have enjoyed today's post! I will be "tweekiing" these to sell at my fall craft fairs! If you can think of a design you would like to see - please let me know! And as always - drop me a note and let me know what you think! Thanks for popping in!!!