Friday, September 24, 2010


Happy Friday!!! What a week!!! I am so happy that it is Friday! This week has been a long one! I didn't get much done as far as scrapping but I do have a couple of little note pads to share!
These are just a few of the ones I plan on making for upcoming fairs! I really need to start mass producing soon! Time is flying by. Before I know it - I will be setting up for my first fair with 1 of each item!!!

I found these small notepads at a local store and decided to cover them and make them so they can clip right your purse (or where ever you want to hang them!) I did start embellishing the first two with the owl punch but knew I had to venture away from it - since not everyone likes the owl! I have a few more ideas for future ones! So for the extra one - I added some big flowers. I just love the big flowers, they add so much deminsion and fancy to a project!!

If you look closely in the background of my pics - you can see my desk. Does anyone elses end up like this? I start a project, cannot stop as I move on to another and soon - my desk space is so small I cannot put down a piece of paper. This is a pic of the desk:

It isn't as bad as it has been but it is still messy! So - my goal is to TRY and clean up after each round of projects so I have room to creatively work! We will see how that goes. This is - hopefully - a working weekend. (amidst all the other things I have going on!)

Thanks for poppin in and as always- let me know what you think!

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