Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Show me the Mummy!!!

Remember the movie with the line..."show me the money"? I couldn't resist the play on words!
My sis-in-law shared a blog link (click here) with me over the weekend and this gal has some terrific projects! This was one of them!
I put this guy together in about 10 minutes.
I took a Crystal light container, cut it down to make it shorter and wrapped it with gauze from my first aid cupboard! I cut circles for eyes and a small thin line for a mouth and attached it with Aileen's fast grab glue.
After I completed him - I got thinking.. (I know - rare occurrence ) what else could I do with this concept? I only have 1 craft fair in October and it is the day before Halloween so I wanted something for the winter season. So off to my drink cupboard for another container I skipped!
This one I did not cut down - I wanted it tall. I also wrapped a layer of batting around the container before I wrapped it with gauze. I cut out circles for eyes again and a small triangle sliver for a nose! I glued these on with the same Aileen's fast grab glue and added 3 black buttons. I grabbed some red ribbon and tied it around the "neck" and a small red heart button as well.

But.... what is a snowman without a hat? So I took the cover of the container and glued a large black circle onto the top. I punched a large scallop circle out of black and added a "tube" between them. I adhered them together with diamond glaze adhesive. it took a while to dry but it held together awesome!!! I added some regular Aileen's glue to the brim and covered it with white glitter to mimic snow! I punched a couple of small yellow flower and added some red bling to the centers. Simple as that!!!

Who knows what I will come up with next!!! Thanks for popping in!!

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