Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big "10"

Happy Tuesday my blogging friends!!! Today is my baby's 10th birthday! I cannot believe that 10 years ago today, I held her for the first time! Time has flown by. I will post some pics later this week from her birthday!!!

Today I have a couple of pictures to share. We spent the weekend at the Firemen's Convention and had a blast! My favorite part, besides seeing my hubby in his dress blues, was the muster. I have never seen one before but am already looking forward to seeing the next one!

This pic is of the hubby in his dress blues....

These are of Rob taking part in the mystery event at the muster. (he had to ride a bike with almost flat tires and a broken seat down a strip to pick up pieces of the chief's turnout gear)

And the last one is of the 3 guys who went to the convention representing Canton Fire Dept, standing in front of the new fire truck that they WANT! This is one nice truck!

Stay tuned - I will be back later this week with something new to share! Tonight is filled with cake and ice cream!!

Thanks for popping in!

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