Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some late night inspiration

I had to escape the main living area last night due to a 10 year old sleepover, so I headed to the basement to create! I wasn't sure what would come from the adventure but it ended up being a great night. I am surprise you didn't hear me giggling where ever you were! And since it was into this morning before I went to bed - I am bushed today!!

So - here we go!!!! I was surfing the web last week when I stumbled across this website - here - and fell in love. I have never been an owl person till Stampin' Up came out with their owl punch and it has spiraled out of control!!! I fell in love with this idea and had to purchase the template and directions!

Last night I made the Mr. & Mrs. Claus box with the little cards! Mr. Claus is on one side and Mrs. Claus is in the other side!!! Isn't it ADORABLE!!! It came together so easy! Her directions are awesome! (Of course, it would have been a little easier if I had paid attention when I stapled the pages together and put them in order!!) I did mis-understand one section of the directions and thought I was making 2 boxes when I did not know I was putting Mr. on one side and Mrs. on the other so I ended up with the fixings for another box.

And - of course - it wouldn't be complete without making the little elf cards to go inside the box!! I almost think the elves are the cutest part. I did add some bling with some dazzling diamonds glitter to the hats and clothes.

With the "extra" box parts I had leftover - I decided to make a little girl owl! Today I found out that Lynn has extra owl patterns on her website so I have ordered those!!! I cannot wait to make the other owls and share them with you!!!

I really hope you have enjoyed today's post! I will be "tweekiing" these to sell at my fall craft fairs! If you can think of a design you would like to see - please let me know! And as always - drop me a note and let me know what you think! Thanks for popping in!!!

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  1. very cute Kathy!! I am going to have to "lift" this idea.