Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just a few more ideas!!!

Hey there! I have those pictures I promised you!!! These items were mostly cased from Splitcoast Stampers (here) and embellished depending on what I had in my space!!! I had so much fun making these items! They just flew together easily and I think (hope) that everyone likes them as much as I do!!!

The first items are cocoa packet sliders! When you untie the ribbon and pull, a yummy cocoa packet pops out! I think these are awesome co-worker or teachers gifts!! I would love to see one sitting on my desk some cold, dreary morning! I used a multiple array of papers and will add some more embellishments to the fronts!
Did you see the Santa owl??? I was surfing the other day and came across a picture of one like him and fell in love!!! I think I need to add a small white pompom to the hat to finish him off! And perhaps some glitter to his hat!

I even had some pink Christmas-y paper and had to make one out of that! And the paper with the polar bears has some glitter on it to add some much needed bling! The pictures do not do the packets justice at all! You will have to stop by my craft fairs to see them in person!!
The last few still need a little extra embellishments on the front to finish them off but I had to share the wonderful paper. I am such a paper hoarder that it was hard for me to cut that paper up! I am getting better! I think that there must be a 42 step process for us paper hoarders somewhere!
Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I have another treat to share!!! Thanks for popping in!!!

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