Friday, November 12, 2010

Another TGIF

Happy Friday!!! I hope you have all had a fabulous week! It has been a busy one for us! I am sorry for not being here to post more this week! I have been working on a few projects as I can find the time tho! I found the cutest Hershey Bar snowmen the other day and just HAD to try them out!
My daughter makes fleece sleeping bags for 18" dolls (or any doll for that matter!), so I have tons of fleece available for the hats and scarves! I will take a pic this weekend to share with you!

Also - my wonderful hubby bought me some counter tops for my birthday, for my scrap area in the basement. Since we finished the basement and I set up my area - we have been hesitant about it since most of my "stuff" is under the water pipes, etc. We have finally decided to rearrange things. I am so excited to get things underway. The best part is we got a great deal on a section of the counter tops since there was a tiny (and I mean tiny) scratch in it! You can hardly see it and cannot even feel it! Love a deal! I will be posting redesigning pics as well, as we get going on it! So once again- I am seeking out some design and storage ideas! I found this area online and like the looks of it!
This one doesn't look like it has much counter tops but lots of storage. I need to weed through some things that I haven't used in FOREVER! It will be hard but it is time! Altho - I haven't been scrapping- only creating- for quite a while! I cannot wait to get started making layouts again! If you have any storage ideas you want to share - please leave a comment!
Well, it is another busy weekend for the Walker household so ! am off to plan things out! Thanks for popping by~

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