Monday, November 8, 2010

Another rainy day here in Maine!

Happy Monday to all my friends in the blogging world! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I took part in the 2nd annual Fall Festival at the TW Kelly Dirigo Middle School and it was great! The gym was filled with crafters of all kinds, I saw a ton of friends and the kids had a great time! Thanks to those who stopped my the booth and said hi!

I actually have this weekend off from craft fairs - kind of! My mom makes the most beautiful 18" doll clothes so I am going with her to an American Girl doll tea this Sat afternoon! (plus Ash wants to go!) But I did book another craft fair for the 20th in Wilton! I will be posting info on that this week!

Today I wanted to share a quick project that I made for last weekend's fair! I made 2 varieties but the 2nd set sold before I could get a picture of them for you. I will make more and post them!
I call them "Snowman Kisses". They are a tic tac holder! I need to add a small tag that says Snowman Kisses but aren't they cute??!!!! A friend has requested a few in other colors for stocking stuffers! So this afternoon I am off to find colored tic tacs!!! Another lady this weekend paired up a cocoa packet puller, a tea bag card and the tic tac holder as a set! I never thought of doing that!! Guess I will be making some more that match!!!

I hope you have enjoyed today's short post! I have been busy cleaning and catching up on Mount Washmore! Laundry seems to pile up when I turn my back!!! I am sure I will leave this afternoon for dance class and the laundry bins will fill up magically!!!!

Thanks for popping in and have a great afternoon!!!

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