Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a funny to share

I know - I know... I promised to post this weekend. I am sorry. I DID work tho and get some more items ready for my craft fair! I have to share this funny story with you (well, it wasn't funny at the time but you know...)

I am making these adorable stationary boxes for my fairs and I needed to add the papers for them. I wasn't sure how many to add so I brought everything to work one day and started cutting and stamping. I cut 500 pieces and stamped a small image on each one. I sorted them out into piles of 20 so I could keep count and decide later what to put in each box. 500 pieces. I worked thru them fairly quickly (or as quickly as you can with that much paper) and placed them all very carefully back into the 12x12 folder I use to transport paper. Did I mention that there was 500 sheets? Well, I get home and proceed to be a good girl and take my scrapping stuff to the basement - where it belongs - and the folder slips (you know where this is going don't you?) ...... and all 500 (remember I mentioned that there was 500??) fall out of the folder. Down the stairs,under the stairs, over the wall onto my desk, the floor and every other solid surface within dropping range. I am surprised you didn't hear me scream. (insert giggle here)

Well, I did get them all picked up (and they weren't even dirty) and my daughter sorted them back into their respective piles and now are all inserted into their proper boxes and ready for purchase!!! (did I mention there was 500 sheets?)

In hindsight - I guess it is a little funny (but only a little) and I did giggle about it afterwards but.... :)

I will work hard tonight to take some more pictures and share them with you. Remember that you can visit my at the Woodstock Elementary School PTA craft fair this weekend!! I would love to see you!
Thanks for popping in!

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