Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Rainy Night....

Ok- so song lyrics run through my head at random times!!! And it is raining again here in Maine!! Tonight is supposed to be a rough one weather wise but I will believe it when I see/hear it.

Tonight I want to share a quick project that I have been working on for the kiddos who happen by my booth at craft fairs! I found this project leftover in my Girl Scout leaders book. I must have picked it up at some craft store for my troop to make but we never did.
At first it seemed a little difficult to work the threads together and get the feathers and beads to stay in place but after a couple - they are flying together quite fast. This morning I stopped by our local (and completely disorganized) Walmart to get a couple more packages of pens to alter!!!
These really are fairly simple to make. The thread is DMC floss and I used tiny micro beads on wire to wrap around the threaded pens. I tape and glued some pretty white feathers on top and finished it off!! I love the bright, smiley colors!!!! I hope the kids and parents do too!

Thanks for popping in today and as always - let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!

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