Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back from the dead!!

Can you believe how time flies? I cannot believe that is has been so long since I posted! But - I have done some scrapping since the last post.

Check these out! My friend Katie found these tutorials online here to make these adorable critters. Their expressions are determined by how you set the eyes! Don't you just LOVE them? They are so stinking cute

I think my favorite is the bumblebee!

I decided to take one pattern and make a birthday card for my niece Grace who is having a camping themed birthday. I know it isn't camping but I do know that there are BUGS camping!! Besides - it was just too cute to pass up!
You probably cannot see it but I made a glitter spray with the Stampin' Up glitter paint and some rubbing alcohol.

Life has been so busy around the Walker household. Ash started gymnastics last fall and between that and dance - this spring has been a whirlwind of excitement! And to top it all off - softball has started! And Ash is thinking about doing summer gymnastics too!! Boy - I cannot imagine how you ladies with more than 1 child do it all!! Hats off to you! But Ash is loving gymnastics and she is pretty good at it too. We have been attending inter squad meets in Skowhegan on the weekends! Another one this weekend! I will have to be sure to post some pictures soon!
Thanks for popping in to visit! I will post again tomorrow!!! Have a great day!!!

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  1. these are so cute!! love the all but my fav is the snail! Valita