Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Can you believe it is 2010??? Seems so - I don't know - sci-fi! Remember Y2K? That seemed unreal and here we are in 2010!
I hope you all had a safe end to the decade! We spent the evening with some great friends having a few laughs!!! What a terrific way to ring a new year!

I HAVE been scrapping! I will take pictures tonight to share with you. I did a layout of my daughter that I have to say is awesome! (pat pat on the back). Believe it or not - I even sewed on that layout! I have never done it before. I have always been a little afraid to sew on a page. Afraid of what - you ask? I really don't know. My sewing machine had been messed up for a long time and was stitching very tightly so perhaps I was afraid of perforating the paper until it split in 2!!! Who knows! But I did it and I am now addicted to it! I cannot wait to share the layout! And do some more stitching!!

Yesterday I received the pictures I ordered in the mail! I need to place one more small order (with a promo email I got!) and I will be all printed for 2009! Somehow I got caught up to the current year! I know I am guilty of not taking as many pictures as I have in the past and certainly not as many of everyday life as I should but......... I am a busy woman!!! :)

I hope you have a fan-tabulous Tuesday! Tomorrow I am off to take the hubby to the eye doctors to finish the testing to see if he is eligible for lasik. Keep your fingers crossed! Ta-ta!!

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