Thursday, January 21, 2010

Room in Progress Report

Well, here are some pictures of my scraproom rearrange in progress! If you have followed my blog at all - you know I have been wanting to rearrange things but wasn't sure how to make the most of my space. I expanded a little (don't tell the hubby!) and took some advice from my sis-in-law (Thanks Missy!) and moved my tall metal shelves to the middle of the floor so I can walk around them. I really do not care for the shelves themselves very much but they are what I have so I use them. Someday I would love to have 2 bookcases back to back for a more "clean" look.
Originally I had 2 tables here. Those are now moved to the wall but freeing up some wall space to hang a bulletin board (or two) and the towel rack for my array of much loved punches. I would really like to hang my punches closer to my work table but we will see how that goes!

On my tables I have my cricut and a mess right now. I am hoping to add some pretty baskets to the other end. On my other table, is my paper holders for my plain cardstock and my stacking holders for patterned paper. On the other end of this table I added a bathroom cabinet we had floating around. I love the look of it but it is top heavy and when I open the doors, it tips forward. Need some ideas to fix this before I fill it!!!

Under my table - I stole (shhh!) part of a small bookshelf from my hubby's pool table area and used it to store my idea books, binders with sketches and project sheets, and small boxes. Love the uniform look! Right now - this is probably my favorite part of my room.

My work space is currently covered with misc things from moving stuff. I had a small book/magazine holder with my sketch books on the filing cabinet but I moved it a little to the left onto my 3 drawer "thingy" (yes - it is a technical term) and freed up the space to put my crop tool tote and my lazy susan. That is still in the works but it is where I want it. I need to alter the cans and pretty them up! I found that Aileen's Fast Grab glue works wonderful for round objects like cans/jars. Holds wonderfully!

I am hoping to place misc sticker sheets (which I rarely use anymore) and rub ons, etc in the bottom part of my filing cabinet. That will free up some drawer space on my shelves.

I still have a bunch of work to do. Why does it seem that when you clean - you make more of a mess???!!!! If you have any ideas to share - feel free! I am open and welcome new thoughts on my room! And if you happen to be in the area and want to lend a hand - stop by!!

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