Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow - again!

Hello from snowy Maine!!! It is snowing lightly again here today! Yesterday it snowed quite heavily - resulting in 6-8 inches of snow at home! Today is much lighter but still making things messy. Hopefully my hubby will not be called out to work tonight!

I was hoping to have some pictures of the Valentine's I made yesterday to share but ended up rearranging my room afterwards and forgot to go get the camera!! I will get the pics tonight and share them tomorrow! I am sending them, along with a care package, to a friend (and his unit) who is serving in Iraq. Just a little something to say "Thank You"

Like I mentioned - I have been trying to decide how to rearrange my scraproom. I have 2 large metal shelving units that hold a bulk of my stash! I really wanted to use more wall space. After chatting with my sis-in-law - she gave me a terrific idea. I emptied and moved the shelving units to the center of my space and placed them back to back. So now I can walk around them to access my "stuff" and have wall space to use as well!!

Things still need to be put back together but I am hoping to work some more on it tonight. I want to hang my newly purchased towel rack to hang my SU punches on, and hang a cork board for displaying ideas and pictures! I am also waiting for an order from LTD with some magazine boxes and some colored boxes for storage. I want things "out" but not "out". Once I finish the rearranging - I want to work on my paper scraps. if you have any ideas for organizing those - please let me know!! See you tomorrow!!!

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  1. Kathy, I keep my paper scraps in hanging file folders seperated by color. I have my scrap cardstock in a file cabinet and my scrap printed paper is in a milk crate. It really makes me use the scraps instead of grabbing a full sheet of cardstock. I also use towel racks to organize my punches. I seem to use them more with them out in the open

    hope that helps