Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terrific Thursday!!!!

The week is almost over! What a busy week it has been! My girl (actually on Monday's I have 3 girls!) had dance on Monday, my dance on Tuesday, running errands on Wednesday, today is gymnastics for Ash and tomorrow is Friday (YEAH!!). Sat is my BFF's Stampin' Up Open House and Sunday is church! Phew! And then we start all over again!

Today is the last of the 2 page layouts I did last weekend! They are of Father's Day when my daughter insisted on taking her Dad to Joker's! We ordered some french fries, soda and fun! They had a ball playing games and earning tickets! (of course, we gave Ash all our tickets!).

I cut my letters with the Cricut on roly poly and did a similar design that I used on my VBS layout by splitting the words over the page. I used bright colors to pull from the pictures. I even cut out some arrows to lead your eye around the page!!
I have more pictures coming today in the mail so I am excited to get scrapping again! I have some more cool organizing ideas to set up in my room. I am recycling cans (veggies, soup, frosting tub) to make a rotating organizer. I plan on spicing them up with paper and ribbon and mounting them (perhaps with velcro) on a lazy susan and use it to hold my regularly used items! (do you know how hard it is to find a lazy susan?- Thank heavens for Mardens!!!)
Well, off to continue my day!!! Have a great one!

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