Tuesday, July 27, 2010

back from the land of the lost!

Ok- I know.... I know....Where have I been? Would you believe the elves took me and made me work for them? Or perhaps I was abducted by Carlos the pool boy and taken to the Caribbean for an extended vacation?

Well, to tell the truth.... I have just been plain busy. Time has certainly gotten away from me but I am back!

Let's see... what have I been up to? School is obviously out for the summer. Ash has been busy! VBS, softball and swimming lessons have come and gone. This year - she actually shocked me with her swimming ability. Add a set of goggles with the nose piece and she was doing flips and tricks!!!!

We did go to Portland Head Light on the fourth of July. It was soo HOT! I couldn't believe it. I actually thought it would be cooler at the coast but NO! Got some great pictures tho!
And - I have been doing a few scrapbook pages. I am planning on uploading some pics tonight. Believe it or not - I took advantage of a few online photo printing specials and am all caught up on my picture printing. Now to just get going and get them scrapped!! i also need to work on some projects for the Relay for Life Open house in November! Better get going now before it is too late. Small projects that can be made in multiples!

I did get the new Owl Punch from Stampin' Up last night and I love it! He comes out sooooo cute! So many possibilities!

Well, enjoy your sunshiny day and be on the lookout for pics from my world!!!!

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