Friday, January 29, 2010


Hey all! Sorry I have been missing in action this week. My hubby had lasik surgery and between that and home/work things - I have been swamped. I am planning on working in my room this weekend and will have items to post for next week!! Please bear with me!! Have a terrific weekend!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Room in Progress Report

Well, here are some pictures of my scraproom rearrange in progress! If you have followed my blog at all - you know I have been wanting to rearrange things but wasn't sure how to make the most of my space. I expanded a little (don't tell the hubby!) and took some advice from my sis-in-law (Thanks Missy!) and moved my tall metal shelves to the middle of the floor so I can walk around them. I really do not care for the shelves themselves very much but they are what I have so I use them. Someday I would love to have 2 bookcases back to back for a more "clean" look.
Originally I had 2 tables here. Those are now moved to the wall but freeing up some wall space to hang a bulletin board (or two) and the towel rack for my array of much loved punches. I would really like to hang my punches closer to my work table but we will see how that goes!

On my tables I have my cricut and a mess right now. I am hoping to add some pretty baskets to the other end. On my other table, is my paper holders for my plain cardstock and my stacking holders for patterned paper. On the other end of this table I added a bathroom cabinet we had floating around. I love the look of it but it is top heavy and when I open the doors, it tips forward. Need some ideas to fix this before I fill it!!!

Under my table - I stole (shhh!) part of a small bookshelf from my hubby's pool table area and used it to store my idea books, binders with sketches and project sheets, and small boxes. Love the uniform look! Right now - this is probably my favorite part of my room.

My work space is currently covered with misc things from moving stuff. I had a small book/magazine holder with my sketch books on the filing cabinet but I moved it a little to the left onto my 3 drawer "thingy" (yes - it is a technical term) and freed up the space to put my crop tool tote and my lazy susan. That is still in the works but it is where I want it. I need to alter the cans and pretty them up! I found that Aileen's Fast Grab glue works wonderful for round objects like cans/jars. Holds wonderfully!

I am hoping to place misc sticker sheets (which I rarely use anymore) and rub ons, etc in the bottom part of my filing cabinet. That will free up some drawer space on my shelves.

I still have a bunch of work to do. Why does it seem that when you clean - you make more of a mess???!!!! If you have any ideas to share - feel free! I am open and welcome new thoughts on my room! And if you happen to be in the area and want to lend a hand - stop by!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday at last! It snowed all day yesterday and all night. In all I think we got around 6-8 inches (of flurries!!). Much to the kids dismay - there WAS school today! Bummer for them!! :)

I told you I would share the Valentine's I made for the troops in Iraq. My daughter is also planning on making some to send over in our care package! Hope she gets to it soon. It takes a while for things to get overseas!!!

I made these simple cards with plain white cardstock. (I usually make my card bases with white. I pick up a ream of cardstock at Walmart for $3 and use it for cards. If I want a colored base - I add it!) I cut my cardstock at 3x 8 1/2" and score in the middle.
I used my 1 1/4" circle punch from Stampin' Up and punched a circle a little off center of the front. I also used the scallop border punch and punched the front edge of the card.

I used the Love Bandit set from SU (thank you Katie) and stamped the raccoon on the small circles I punched out. (No waste here!!) I punched out a scallop circle from red cardstock (more scraps) and then cut another one with the center punched out with the 1 1/4" circle. I saved the circles :) and adhered the scallop rings around the circle on the front of the card. I mounted the raccoon onto the red scallops and lined them up in the hole and closed to adhere it. (That way it would show through the circle.) I used a red marker to color in the small heart on the raccoon and stamped the hearts (from the love you much set) with red ink on the left front of the card!
Easy peasy!! I liked the smaller size and the simplicity of the card. I think the scallop circle is one of my all time favorite punches. I have so many and I love them all!!!
I hope you have enjoyed these! I have been blog surfing today so I am excited to add some more v-day ideas for you soon!!
I will also be posting some pics of my scraproom in progress!! Have a happy day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow - again!

Hello from snowy Maine!!! It is snowing lightly again here today! Yesterday it snowed quite heavily - resulting in 6-8 inches of snow at home! Today is much lighter but still making things messy. Hopefully my hubby will not be called out to work tonight!

I was hoping to have some pictures of the Valentine's I made yesterday to share but ended up rearranging my room afterwards and forgot to go get the camera!! I will get the pics tonight and share them tomorrow! I am sending them, along with a care package, to a friend (and his unit) who is serving in Iraq. Just a little something to say "Thank You"

Like I mentioned - I have been trying to decide how to rearrange my scraproom. I have 2 large metal shelving units that hold a bulk of my stash! I really wanted to use more wall space. After chatting with my sis-in-law - she gave me a terrific idea. I emptied and moved the shelving units to the center of my space and placed them back to back. So now I can walk around them to access my "stuff" and have wall space to use as well!!

Things still need to be put back together but I am hoping to work some more on it tonight. I want to hang my newly purchased towel rack to hang my SU punches on, and hang a cork board for displaying ideas and pictures! I am also waiting for an order from LTD with some magazine boxes and some colored boxes for storage. I want things "out" but not "out". Once I finish the rearranging - I want to work on my paper scraps. if you have any ideas for organizing those - please let me know!! See you tomorrow!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Terrific Thursday!!!!

The week is almost over! What a busy week it has been! My girl (actually on Monday's I have 3 girls!) had dance on Monday, my dance on Tuesday, running errands on Wednesday, today is gymnastics for Ash and tomorrow is Friday (YEAH!!). Sat is my BFF's Stampin' Up Open House and Sunday is church! Phew! And then we start all over again!

Today is the last of the 2 page layouts I did last weekend! They are of Father's Day when my daughter insisted on taking her Dad to Joker's! We ordered some french fries, soda and fun! They had a ball playing games and earning tickets! (of course, we gave Ash all our tickets!).

I cut my letters with the Cricut on roly poly and did a similar design that I used on my VBS layout by splitting the words over the page. I used bright colors to pull from the pictures. I even cut out some arrows to lead your eye around the page!!
I have more pictures coming today in the mail so I am excited to get scrapping again! I have some more cool organizing ideas to set up in my room. I am recycling cans (veggies, soup, frosting tub) to make a rotating organizer. I plan on spicing them up with paper and ribbon and mounting them (perhaps with velcro) on a lazy susan and use it to hold my regularly used items! (do you know how hard it is to find a lazy susan?- Thank heavens for Mardens!!!)
Well, off to continue my day!!! Have a great one!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another week has come and gone...

Happy Tuesday! Can you believe we are already halfway through January. The last time I looked - it was New Year's Day! Time certainly flies!

Today I want to share some 2 page layouts I have finished! The first one is of our 4th of July weekend! We went camping with our best friends at Cupsuptic Campground. You cannot tell from the pictures but it was rainy and dreary for a good part of our weekend! They even cancelled the fireworks due to the weather. I love the pictures of the rainbow and the moon on the water! We still had a blast though! Good food, good friends, and fun times!!!

The next layout is of our VBS week at church. Our church goes all out for VBS! This year the theme was "Creation Expedition". There was a full sized dinosaur, a waterfall complete with fish, and vines and monkeys everywhere!! The kids all had fun and learn about the love of God!
I cut out the letters with the cricut on roly poly font and pieced it in the middle of the page.
Tomorrow I will share another 2 page layout. I am already planning out some Christmas presents for next year! Never enough time so I thought I would plan early! Right now they are ideas on paper. I am hoping that they will soon turn into actual projects!!
Have a terrific day!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Here it is!!!

Happy Friday! I was hoping to post these pics earlier in the week but I ended up going with my hubby to his pre-op lasik appointment and then I was sick yesterday! So here it is! This is the layout I was mentioning on Tuesday! I used a sketch from the awesome idea book "Pagemaps". This was my inspiration:

This is MY take on this sketch:

I don't know what I was saving this paper for but I think it works beautifully for this page! I used some scrap cardstock for the plain colors and felt flowers for accents! I have also been saving these flowers for something special. I printed the wording on white cardstock and inked the edges. The word "daughter" I printed and cut each letter out separately. I also stitched around the plain cardstock! First time stitcher! Yeah me!!! I will be stitching on more layouts in the future!

As soon as I saw this page - I knew what papers and embellishments to dig out of my stash! I love it when the ideas come that easy! Every now and again I will just sit with my sketch idea books and look through them for inspiration!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this layout as much as I did making it! Please let me know what you think! Have a terrific weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

Can you believe it is 2010??? Seems so - I don't know - sci-fi! Remember Y2K? That seemed unreal and here we are in 2010!
I hope you all had a safe end to the decade! We spent the evening with some great friends having a few laughs!!! What a terrific way to ring a new year!

I HAVE been scrapping! I will take pictures tonight to share with you. I did a layout of my daughter that I have to say is awesome! (pat pat on the back). Believe it or not - I even sewed on that layout! I have never done it before. I have always been a little afraid to sew on a page. Afraid of what - you ask? I really don't know. My sewing machine had been messed up for a long time and was stitching very tightly so perhaps I was afraid of perforating the paper until it split in 2!!! Who knows! But I did it and I am now addicted to it! I cannot wait to share the layout! And do some more stitching!!

Yesterday I received the pictures I ordered in the mail! I need to place one more small order (with a promo email I got!) and I will be all printed for 2009! Somehow I got caught up to the current year! I know I am guilty of not taking as many pictures as I have in the past and certainly not as many of everyday life as I should but......... I am a busy woman!!! :)

I hope you have a fan-tabulous Tuesday! Tomorrow I am off to take the hubby to the eye doctors to finish the testing to see if he is eligible for lasik. Keep your fingers crossed! Ta-ta!!