Saturday, October 24, 2009

What a rainy day!

Hello all! Today was a very rainy uninspiring day here. So the family and I headed to Portland for some together time and shopping. My hubby took us out to an early anniversary lunch at the Olive Garden! That was a great surprise! We went to the mall so Ash could use her Build a Bear gift certificate she received for her b-day. Then I went to the Christmas Tree Shop - love that place. You never know what you will find there!! (kind of like Mardens but better!!)
Then we went to Cabela's! We all looked around and found things we wanted. I even splurged on a beautiful purse! So - after all my best laid plans - no scrapping for me today. I might sneak down into the basement to try something tonight but we will have to see. I surfed a ton of websites this week so I have a bunch of new ideas I want to try!
It is now pouring and thundering here. Hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow. Night all!

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