Thursday, December 17, 2009


Wow - and I thought yesterday was cold! Today is brutal! I hope all of you are bundled up!
Are you ready for Christmas yet? This morning I decided to bring a bunch of presents to work to wrap while I was there! I really hate wrapping but the hubby didn't get it done last night. I am running out of time. We are headed north to visit Rob's family early Saturday morning. And life just isn't stopping so I can get it all done while at home!

Today I am sharing some more of the pictures from the card packet I made. I worked my way thought several of my stamp sets and used scrap cardstock for most of these cards.

I am not even sure how many cards I have made. My grandmother loves to get them and she uses them all up by spring. I tried to make more this year but who knows!

This picture is a variety of some of the most recent ones. I love the More the Merrier set from SU! I also used the Love you Bunches set, the Heartfelt Thanks set, and Lots of Love set. (all from SU) Most of the coloring was done with watercolor pencils. I do so much better with those than markers.

The next picture shows a few more. I believe one of the sets is Greeting Galore (I hope) and the other is God's Beauty. (I love that set!)

Here is a close up of that card..

Another set I love is the Garden Whimsy. Here is a group from that set....

I really enjoyed making the red and blue card with the butterfly! I liked how it came out. I almost added some glitter to bling it up but decided not this time!

Well, perhaps tomorrow I will share some more! Hope you enjoyed them! Stay warm!

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  1. These are cute, I really need to get my rear in gear and get making things for Christmas 2010! LOL