Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am still here!!! Yesterday we got snowed under with about a foot of snow! So - Ashley and I had a pajama day and got some much needed things done!!! And I got to spend some time in my scraproom!!

But - I promised pics and info on our mystery trip to Boston! For those who hadn't heard - Santa had a letter delivered to McDonald's last Thursday telling the girls that they were headed on a mystery trip the next morning. After a train ride, several clues and a few snafus (including a $60 cab ride) we arrived at the American Girl Doll Store in Boston! The girls were awesome! They ran in and chose the dolls they wanted fairly quickly! They wandered around deciding on a couple of outfits. There was so much to look at! And the place was super busy! We thought that a Friday wouldn't be too bad! Wrong!!! I cannot imagine what it would be like on a Saturday! :)

We made reservations at the Bistro for lunch! The dolls had their own seats and even were served a small muffin! Lunch was yummy!

We window shopped in the mall, saw Santa and thanked him for an awesome adventure! We called our buddy the cab driver (Tom) and he took us to Quincy Market. We wandered around there, listening to a band playing Christmas carols and watched some street performers dancing. Then we worked our way back to North station to catch the train home! It was a very long but fun day!

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