Saturday, December 26, 2009

The recovery phase

Phew - it is over! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! We certainly did here!!! But today was clean up day! All the decorations are packed away and gifts are slowly finding there homes! Ash was thrilled to receive some great gifts! Her AG doll Rebecca fared pretty well too! Grammie made a ton of clothes for her, including matching pajamas! And Grandpa hit the jackpot by making a bunk bed to rival all doll bunkbeds! It is sooooo adorable! My parents rock! I really do not think there is anything my mom cannot do. She is so my hero!

Every Christmas Eve my dad reads the "Night before Christmas" to the girls! He usually changes up the words and they all giggle through out the story!

I wanted to share some 12x12 layouts that were given as gifts! I can finally post them now! I think they came out terrific! Sorry the pics might be a little fuzzy. For some reason, I am having problems taking inside pics with it. Guess I will have to chat with my niece who is the pro at it! I will be posting some more pictures on Splitcoast Stampers (here) if you want to see some closeup shots!)

I received some more scrapping stuff for Christmas! I am hoping that after mount washmore gets folded tomorrow - I can play in my room! I want to rearrange and expand! The hubby isn't too keen on it but......... oh well!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the week between holidays! Keep your eyes to the skies are we are forecasted storms here in Maine! Be safe!

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  1. From Grace: "Why does Aunt Kathy have a blog?"
    Me: "I don't know, because she feels like it?" :)
    Grace, after looking at the pictures: "Hey, why did she cut me out of the pictures?"