Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December at last!!!!

December 1st! That only leaves 24 more days till Christmas!!! Yeah! I love this time of year!!

I promised last week that I would post some pics of my table from the craft fair a couple of weeks ago! So here they are. Nothing fancy but I had a good time!!!

Every year on Thanksgiving we take the girl's picture to put on a t-shirt for my dad. We have done this every year since Grace was a baby. Dad loves his t-shirts and wears them whenever he can!! He knows about this gift but is thrilled all the same! The girls were being silly this year! Here are some random shots from our "photo shoot" from Thanksgiving!!!

I finally got my Christmas lights yesterday. We found out (after we had them all strung on the tree) that the cat had chewed the cord. So I had to go to Walmart yesterday! The rest of the house is mostly decorated! I will post pics tomorrow!!!
The Elf came yesterday. For those who do not know the story of our Elf - here goes!!! Every year - around the weekend after Thanksgiving - a magical Elf appears in our home. He moves around the house, keeping an eye on things. You never know where he will be. Some days he stays in the same spot for a while and other times he moves several times a day. This morning he was hiding among the snowmen on my shelf. Then, on Christmas Eve, he reports back to Santa (or beforehand if need be) and lets him know if Ashley has been good. He magically appeared around Christmas the year we moved into our house! I will try and get some picture of the Elf! He does some interesting things when no one is home!!!
Have a terrific day! Thanks for popping in!

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