Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another cloudy day!!

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend! It seems like I cannot get a post onto here over the weekends! Hopefully things will slow down a little so I can post more often!!
I wanted to let you know that I had a successful craft fair! I was very happy with the sales. I still have some items left if someone is looking for something. Plenty of stocking stuffers too! Tomorrow I will post the pics of my tables!
What are your Thanksgiving traditions?? We always go to my mom's (next door) and each bring certain things. I make an orange molded (moldy according to the kids!) salad. If I didn't bring this - there would be a riot! We have the turkey and all the fixings!! Before the big dinner, while the men folk are hunting, we do crafts with Ash and Grace. This year I think we will be working on their ornaments for a school contest! We also try and watch the parade. AND we take the annual picture of Ash and Grace. We used to take it in Grampa's chair but the girls are getting a little big to both be in the same chair!!! We also scan the sale ads for the biggest and best shopping day of the year!!!
The men sometimes go out hunting after dinner (or hold down the couches) and the ladies go home to rest or play! We usually all migrate back to mom's for a make your own supper of leftovers!!!
And of course, we go to bed early to get rested up for BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! We go for the festivities and atmosphere. We do not run people down getting to the sales. I am hoping to get some deals at Walmart though! Wish me luck!
We decorate for Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year! We even broke down and purchased an artificial tree because I want to decorate so early! The hubby just shakes his head!
Please share your Thanksgiving traditions! I would love to hear them! Have a terrific day!

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  1. The traditions vary with the year and the destination... mostly we're traveling to either Dave's Aunt on the Cape or my parents in southern ME. We get up, bring along our pies, and hope to catch some of the parade still on. After eating... is relaxing. Then leftovers for supper. No shopping usually-- maybe later in the afternoon on Friday on our way back home. Low key but delightful all the same.