Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Humpday!

Hello and Happy Wednesday!!! I hope you are all feeling good today! I think I live by my hand sanitizer!!!
I wanted to share the project my daughter did for her school book report! I think she did an awesome job on her diorama for the book! I will let you know what her grade is!!!!
Ok - on to more fun stuff!!
I spent a bit of time last night working on projects! I am almost done! I am hoping to have it all together BEFORE Saturday morning!!!

I did a bunch of "treat" bags to sell at the craft fair! I did some reindeer poop, elf droppings, snowman poop, snowman soup, turkey poop, tins of snowman soup for two and reindeer nose repair kits! These were so much fun to do! I even found a Christmas story one to make using M&M's and the story of Christ's birth! Loved it too much to not share it with everyone!

I also made some cute little snowmen for my daughter to sell using........toilet paper rolls! I was up LATE one night and decided to try it! She loves them too! I may use this project for our Thanksgiving day craft!

Can you believe my table? It is full of stuff for Saturday and I still have some unfinished projects to add to the piles!
Thanks for popping by! More tomorrow!!!

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