Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am still here!!!

Good morning all! I hope you didn't give up hope on me! I had a few issues with my leg late last week and time got away from me. It has been narrowed down that I had an allergic reaction to something and I guess I have poison ivy to boot! Fun! Fun!

But - I did get some scrapping done this weekend!! I found this really cute stationary box somewhere online and thought it would great to try and make one. I used (once again) scrap paper for the patterned paper. the box opens out to reveal a couple of smaller spaces to put small cards and notes on the top section. The bottom section holds a small book (that can be used for addresses) and a small pocket that can house stamps or small tags. I embellished the box and cards with ribbon and flowers with brads.

I love how this came out but believe you me - it took a lot of work and unless I have a ton more time before craft fair season starts.... this might be the only one I make!
I hope you have enjoyed today's little post! I am still on the lookout for ideas that people would like to see at craft fairs!!! More to share tomorrow! Thanks for popping in!

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